Announcing: MYTHIC

As a name, Isocline Semiconductor did not do the company justice.

Their engineers figured out how to enable GPU abilities in flash memory, putting computational power and storage in the same place. It's truly innovative technology and will revolutionize AI. Imagine if Siri or Alexa did not have to rely on cloud-based servers to understand your voice commands. How about instant universal language translation built into your phone. These are the kinds of mind-blowing features their technology will usher in.

Bringing massively powerful artificial intelligence down to the device level represents the promise of my client's technology.

Isocline asked me to rename them, so I did.

Announcing: MYTHIC.

Read more about the launch of Mythic and $8.8mm of new investments in VentureBeat.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to give Mythic a name as powerful as their promise.